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About the Band

KaOZ Klezmer are from Northern NSW. Their performances feature songs you can't resist singing along with and memorable dances which are quick to learn. Their music, both wildly exciting yet soulfully haunting, can break open even the cynical heart to the joy and the pain of living in this chaotic world.

The songs are in Yiddish, Hebrew or English. While their music borrows heavily from Klezmer & Jewish tradition, listeners shouldn't be surprised to find a Bulgarian folk song or an Arabic dance. There are also contemporary interpretations, improvisations and originals that KaOZ play their own unique way. Where else will you hear Ellington's Caravan, Hendrix's Purple Haze & Rimsky-Korsacov's Flight of the Bumble Bee combined with well known Hebrew sing alongs like Hava Naguila?

The incomparable vocals of Leora Claff draw you in as she aptly communicates the stories in each song. She is also a great dance teacher getting everyone involved, dancing, singing, clapping the beat or just listening intently.