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Middle Eastern Peace Performance to help Red Cross

How can you have a great night of international music and dancing, whilst raising funds for the world's largest humanitarian organisation? Come and see KaOZ Klezmer at the Italo Club, that's how!

On Saturday 21st September, from 7.30pm, superb local ensemble, KaOZ Klezmer, will be presenting an artistic & cultural presentation using a confluence of Jewish & Arabic music & dance. Belly dancer Sidika and Middle Eastern percussionists Harmony will also be performing on the evening. Adding to the Middle Eastern mystique, the setting will be decorated & lit in a Bedouin tent fantasy.

KaOZ Klezmer are well known for their specialisation in the Jewish music that had its origins along with Yiddish culture in Central & Eastern Europe i.e. Klezmer. For this project however, KaOZ have been busy rehearsing a number of pieces from Arabic cultures as well as Jewish music with middle-eastern musical inspirations. Sidika, who has been studying Belly Dance for 17 years & dancing professionally for twelve, specializing in 2 styles: Baladi (the dance of Egypt) & Raqs Sharqi (the Dance of the East). She has been working closely with KaOZ, Harmony & the Daviadian Ensemble, developing a performance that will give each of the nights something unique.

Donating a percentage of all ticket sales to the Australian Red Cross, KaOZ Klezmer are no strangers to lending their support to charitable organisations.

KaOZ Klezmer's Pietro Fine said, "With situations like the one in the Middle East, humanitarian help is often needed there. Their neutrality makes the Red Cross one of the only organizations that the defenceless can turn to. This is why we have chosen Red Cross as the charity for our Middle East Peace Event. Now more than ever is the time for people to think globally and act locally."

On Saturday 5th October, from 7.30pm KaOZ Klezmer will hold a second performance in support of Red Cross, this time at Ewingsdale Hall also with support performers - a trio that combines Arabic guitar, singing, harmonium & percussion led by Peter Davidian & belly dancer, Adrianer.

Red Cross Northern Regional Manager Vahideh Hosseini said, "The performance of KaOZ Klezmer, with it's international flavour, is an excellent opportunity for people to experience wonderful local talent whilst increasing exposure for the wonderful services Red Cross provides to the community".

For more information on the services Red Cross provides in your region please contact Red Cross on 6622 3244 or visit the website

These nights are also the premiere of a new series of events organized by the fledgling company Fine World Music events which aims to present events in the region & with a particular focus on bringing world music to Lismore on a regular basis in a family friendly venue.

The next 2 acts to be presented are the Sydney based Turkish/Greek band Baklava on the November 15th in the Lismore Italo Club supported by KaOZ Klezmer, & the next day on their own on the 16th at Ewingsdale Hall near Byron.

On December 7th in conjunction with Ku Productions, Canada's much loved singer songwriter guitarist, Kristina Olsen will be at the Italo club.

Don't miss these great nights.